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The Commission

Governing Entity:

The Commission on Indigent Defense is comprised of 13 members:

  • 9 who are appointed by the Governor:
    • 1 representative from each of the four Judicial Regions
    • 5 representatives from the S.C. Bar
  • 2 retired judges, including a retired circuit judge and either a retired family court judge or a retired appellate judge, appointed by the Chief Justice of the S.C. Supreme Court
  • 1 representative of the House Judiciary Committee
  • 1 representative of the Senate Judiciary Committee, appointed by their respective Committee Chairman

The Chairman of the Commission on Indigent Defense is elected by the Commission from its membership for a two-year term.


John Nichols
T: 803-734-2038
F: 803-734-1964
Commissioner (General Law)
Appointed by Governor
Michael H. Lifsey
T: 803-285-5585
F: 803-285-6085
Vice Chairman
Public Defender
Appointed by Governor
Walker Willcox
T: 843-664-3373
F: 843-662-1342
Commissioner (General Law)
Appointed by Governor
Mark A. Leiendecker
T: 843-821-9800
F: 843-871-0523
Scott Floyd
T: 843-665-3055
F: 843-665-4041
B.J. Barrowclough
T: 803-628-3031
F: 803-628-3054
William N. Epps, Jr.
T: (864) 224-2111
F: (864) 224-3536
Judge (Retired) A.E. Morehead, III
T: (843) 665-3008
F: (843) 676-8696
Appointed by Chief Justice
Rep. Wallace H. "Jay" Jordon, Jr.
T: 803-662-4474
SC House Judiciary Committee Representative
Ashlin B. Potterfield, Esq.
T: 803-376-2001
Commissioner (Family Law)
Appointed by Governor
Sen. Gerald Malloy
T: 803-212-6148
F: (843)332-4646
SC Senate Judiciary
Committee Representative
Judge (Ret'd) Thomas W. Cooper, Jr.
T: (803) 435-2450
F: (803) 435-2461
Appointed by the Chief Justice
Yvonne Murray-Boyles
T: 803-252-2064
F: 803-765-0167
Criminal Law
Appointed by Governor