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Capital Trial Division

The Division of Capital Defenders within SCCID represents indigent defendants in death-penalty trials statewide. This division has successfully reduced the expense of capital litigation, while providing quality, professional representation to those in need. Previously, such representation was handled almost exclusively by private attorneys, which resulted in our state paying near “market rates” for those legal services. The division provides not only legal representation to its clients, but also investigation and mitigation services for its clients.

In addition to serving its clients, the Division of Capital Defense also provides consulting services and defense training to other lawyers representing clients in capital trials in South Carolina.

Capital Trials became a division of SCCID in 2008. The division consists of three attorneys and support staff. Additional services are contracted as needed on a case-by-case basis.


Robert Bank
T: 803-734-1358
Capital Defender
Emily Kuchar
T: 803-734-1367
F: 803-734-1345
Capital Defender
Renee Taft
T: 803-734-7818
F: 803-734-1345
Administrative Assistant/Paralegal
Boyd Young
T: 803-734-1351
F: 803-734-1345
Chief Attorney