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As part of the ongoing mission to ensure the highest quality legal representation and indigent defense services to clients, SCCID offers continuing education and training throughout the year to public defenders and staff across the state. From an annual public defenders conference to best practices seminars to capital litigation initiatives, there are always opportunities to learn and grow. All of SCCID’s training conferences for attorneys are CLE-certified.

SCCID provides its defenders and staff with education and information in a variety of delivery methods:  classroom training, webinars, videos, and monthly briefings and summaries via email, including weekly advance sheets.

Below are upcoming educational and professional development events for members. Select an event below for additional information and registration.

Upcoming Conferences and Events


This page contains an archive of materials and resources from prior SCCID seminars and workshops. The materials are listed on the Private Page. You must log in to your SCCID account to gain access. If you do not see an item, or if you have any questions, please contact Lawrence Brown or Ryan Cole

Public Defense 101: Fundamentals of the Profession (2018)

Public Defense 101 covers Fundamentals of Practice for Public Defenders with fewer than 3 years' experience as a public defender. This seminar will provide useful information from the practical criminal defense perspective and will help to cultivate skills specifically necessary for effective client representation.
Columbia, SC | Monday

29 new public defenders from across South Carolina and approximately 15 experienced public-defender faculty members participated in Public Defense 103 Trial Skills Training, April 20 - May 2, 2018, in Greenville, South Carolina. PD103 is the third of three multi-day workshops sponsored by SCCID totaling over 47 hours of comprehensive client representation and advocacy training for new public defenders.

Did you know? About 80-85 percent of all criminal court cases are handled by public defenders.