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SCCID Public Defenders

South Carolina’s Public Defender System is a county-based system. The counties are grouped and divided among 16 judicial circuits within the state. Each judicial circuit has a Circuit Public Defender who is responsible for the administration of public defender services in each of the counties within the circuit. Circuit Public Defenders are appointed to the position for four-year terms by the South Carolina Commission on Indigent Defense (SCCID) upon nomination to the position by a Selection Panel, consisting of attorneys representing each of the counties within the circuit.

Circuit Public Defenders are employees of the State of South Carolina. Funding for each circuit comes from the State of South Carolina and from each of the counties within that circuit. The circuit Public Defender System replaced a system of non-profit defender corporations with the passage of the South Carolina Indigent Defense Act of 2007.

Circuit Public Defenders

#Circuit Public DefenderCounties Served
1Pierce Wehman
T: 843-821-9800
F: 843-871-0523
Calhoun, Dorchester,
2De Grant Gibbons
T: 803-642-1732
F: 803-642-1739
Aiken, Bamberg,
3Edgar R. Donnald, Jr.
T: 803-774-6137
F: 803-436-2423
Clarendon, Lee,
Sumter, Williamsburg
4Nathan Scales
T: 843-398-4069
F: 800-670-6375
Chesterfield, Darlington,
Dillon, Marlboro
5Fielding Pringle
T: 803-929-6150
F: 803-748-5018
Kershaw, Richland
6William P. Frick
T: 803-285-5585
F: 803-285-6085
Chester, Fairfield,
7Michael Morin
T: 864-596-3195
F: 864-562-4412
Cherokee, Spartanburg
8Chelsea B. McNeill
T: (864) 984-8807
Abbeville, Greenwood,
Laurens, Newberry
9Cameron Blazer
T: 843-958-1850
F: 843-958-5149
Berkeley, Charleston
10Jennifer L. Johnson
T: 864-260-4048
F: 864-260-4134
Anderson, Oconee
11Sarah Mauldin
T: 803-785-8873
F: 803-785-1443
Edgefield, Lexington,
McCormick, Saluda
12Scott Floyd
T: 843-665-3055
F: 843-665-4041
Florence, Marion
13Mindy H Lipinski
T: 864-467-8522
F: 864-467-8521
Greenville, Pickens
14Stephanie Smart Gittings
T: 843-255-5000
F: 843-255-9493
Allendale, Beaufort,
Colleton, Hampton, Jasper
15Ronald W. Hazzard
T: 843-915-5385
F: 843-915-6385
Georgetown, Horry
16B.J. Barrowclough
T: 803-628-3031
F: 803-628-3054
Union, York