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Every person has the right to a fair trial. It is the law of our country that competent representation by an attorney is necessary to preserve this fundamental right. State and federal law provides that all persons have the constitutional right to be represented by an attorney if they have been accused of a crime and the punishment for that crime could be time in jail or prison. If that person is financially unable to hire an attorney, then the law provides that an attorney shall be appointed to represent them.

A Public Defender is appointed by the Court to represent defendants in criminal court who are financially indigent. All Public Defenders are attorneys who have been licensed to practice law in the state of South Carolina.

There are more than 200 Public Defenders serving those in need within our state.  For more information and for assistance, contact the Public Defender office for the county where you have been charged with the crime.

Public Defenders by Counties Served

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Mike Lifsey
T: 803-815-4074
F: 803-285-6085
Circuit Public Defender
William Frick
T: 803-815-4074
F: 803-285-6085
Deputy Public Defender
Ross Burton
T: 803-815-4074
Public Defender
Bob FitzSimons
T: 803-815-4074
F: 803-285-6085
Contract Attorney