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The South Carolina Juvenile Collateral Consequences Checklist

SCCID Distinguised Service Award presented posthumously to Jack W. Lawson, Jr.


The South Carolina Commission on Indigent Defense has presented its Gerald Malloy Distinguished Service Award posthumously to the late Jack Wofford Lawson, Jr., in ceremonies today at the Florence City-County Complex.  Mr. Lawson served as the first Circuit Public Defender of the 12th Judicial Circuit until his death in November, 2011.  The award was presented on behalf of the Commission by its Chairman, Harry A. Dest, to Mr. Lawson's widow Paula D. Lawson and his family. Throughout his life he was a friend to the poor and needy and his life was an inspiration to all who knew him.  The inscription on the plaque reads in part that the award "is given to honor and forever preserve in memory his selfless service and his unyielding commitment ot the cause of Justice in his beloved South Carolina." The award was created by the Commission in 2007 and has been given on only two prior occasions.